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Okanagan Metaphysics Society


Okanagan Metaphysics Society is a multi-faith organization devoted to encouraging the evolution of the soul.


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Okanagan Metaphysics Society is run entirely by volunteers and relies completely on donations.  Please show your support with an an e-transfer to: or

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Energy/Spiritual Healing

Until we can resume normal activities, our volunteers are offering free distance healing to any who request it.  Just send an email to requesting one them to contact you and your message will be forwarded.

AGM Results

The Society had our Annual General Meeting on June 24th, 2022, followed by an informal meeting of the new Board on June 26th.

Retiring Directors are:

Celestina Merkus (President)
Jennifer Innes (Secretary)
Marlene Trenholm (Treasurer)

2022-2023 Board of Directors:

President - Brenda Johnson.  Brenda joined the Board in 2016 and has, at various times, held position as Director-at-Large, Secretary, Vice-President, and President.

Vice President/Treasurer - Sam Haskell.  Sam joined the Board in 2018 and has, at various times, held position as Director-at-Large, Vice-President, and President.

Secretary - Laurie Smith (Newly elected to the Board)

From the President:

It is with grateful hearts that the newly elected Board of Okanagan Metaphysics thank Celestina Merkus, Past President, Jennifer Innes, Past Secretary and Marlene Trenholm, Past Treasurer, for their work that they have done for Okanagan Metaphysics.

We wish you well on your new endeavours and look forward to hearing from you. Thank you once again for your time, knowledge and understanding as you continue on your journey.

At this time, I want to introduce myself to you all. My name is Brenda Johnson, I am the Incoming President.

I am a Mother, Grandmother, a retired Dairy Farmer. I have been gifted with a curiosity about Metaphysics all of my life. My first encounter with My Angels and Guides was when I was four years old, My Angels and Guides saved My Life. 

I have been aware of and had a deep sense of knowing all of my life. 

I moved to my present home in the Penticton, B C, area in 2016. 

I embarked on the personal journey of remembering my abilities, to be open to and receive the messages from Beyond The Other Side, The Higher Power, Source, Creator, God Self……..

Using the tools that have been employed by mankind for many millennia, I feel my growth and evolution every day.

Welcome to Okanagan Metaphysics!!!

Please join me on this Journey of the Evolution of My Soul.

Let’s have some Fun Together!!!

Let’s Grow Together!!!

Knowing/Feeling, that We are doing the Best We Are Able to with the Time and Knowledge that We have. 

Feel free to send me a message at anytime.

Love, Light and Blessings,

Brenda Johnson, President
Okanagan Metaphysics Society