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Okanagan Metaphysics Society


People who practice metaphysical spirituality believe in a Prime Source of the Universe that controls power and the spiritual and physical laws of nature.  This Prime Source of the Universe influences daily happenings that are both seen and unseen.  Metaphysical Spiritualists believe that the Prime Source of the Universe, and the study of metaphysical spirituality itself, encourages and teaches followers how to unite and work with the powers that be to improve themselves, mankind, and the world we live in.

Metaphysical Spirituality is a multi-faith path, inclusive of all belief systems.  Studies of the teachings of all cultures and religions is encouraged, as is the development of an open-minded understanding of various perspectives.

Our Ministers are versed in a wide variety of metaphysical topics and practices.  Metaphysical Healing is perhaps the one practice that we most promote, and our Ministers are all required to be trained in at least one metaphysical healing methodology.  As an interfaith assembly, we require our Ministers to hold unbiased views regarding race, religious affiliations, social standing, and sexuality.  A full range of clergy services is available, from baby namings to celebrations of life.

For inquiries or to contact any of our Ministers, please email:

Brian C. "Sam" Haskell


“Sam” Haskell's interest in Metaphysical Philosophy and Spiritualism spans 50+ years.

He has developed and works with an energy healing methodology called Lækna Seiðr (Healing Energies), which meshes with ancient Norse lore, mythology, cosmology, and theology, using a system of nine primary Hvel (chakras) and working with runic energies.

  • Certified Master Mindfulness Practitioner
  • Life Coach
  • Counseling Practitioner
  • Reiki Master

Brenda Johnson


  • Mother,  Grandmother
  • Retired Farmer
  • Reiki Master
  • Served on Various Boards
  • Passionate about Metaphysics
  • Friend

Rev. Jennifer Innes


Jennifer Innes

Jennifer has over 30 years’ experience in many fields of Metaphysics.  Utilizing an eclectic array of tools to support you in your quest for
Peace, Spiritual Growth and Personal Truth

  • Psychic Reader

  • Energy Healer

  • Teacher/Guide

  • CEO of WLM

Rev. Marlene Trenholm

Certified Lifestyle Coach

Master Mindset Life Coach

Certifications in Health Life Coaching, and Financial Coaching, Reiki Level 3

Introductory studies in EFT Tapping, Feng Shui, Energy Clearing, Angels, Law of Attraction, Spiritual Awareness and more

BC Marriage Commissioner

Life-Cycle Celebrant - Vow Renewals, Baby Namings, Blessings, Celebrations of Life, Commitments, other ceremonies important to individuals and families

Universal Life Minister

New Age Brand Partner

Nova Scotian by birth and at heart, a Pentictonite for 40+ years

Mother, grandmother, friend, confidant, coach, supporter and encourager

Community participant with many organizations, including Penticton Women in Business, and the Penticton Chamber of Commerce

Personal mission - to empower and inspire others as they journey to inner peace and self fulfillment