Okanagan Metaphysics

The Celebration Centre and Metaphysical Society


Joining the South Okanagan Metaphysical Society is the best way to show your support for all that we do.  Membership includes discounts on any workshops hosted by the Society and makes you part of our supportive, friendly, and knowledgeable community.

Membership may be obtained by contacting us by email at, or online by e-Transfer by filling out the form below.

E-Transfer Membership Application

To apply for membership paid by e-transfer, please fill out the following form. Once completed and sent, submit the appropriate fee by e-transfer to: or A receipt will be sent to you upon confirmation of payment.

Membership Type

Family Membership: The $30.00 membership fee is waived for persons in the immediate household of current members, and only the $30.00 annual due is required when joining.