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Never the Same Again

My having lived a sheltered life has never felt so true.

The Spanish flu of 1918-1920, and its 50,000 deaths in Canada, near 50 years before my time.

The Influenza pandemic of the late 50’s, and its 7000 Canadian deaths, still a few years before my arrival.

HIV/AIDs originating in the early 80’s, having claimed the lives of over 26,000 here at home, my then still being a mere teen insulated by my immaturity.

SARS, 44 lives lost.

H1N1, 500 perished.

I have lived after both the first and second world wars. I have had no first hand experience of a Depression, or a concentration camp. I know not what it means to live in poverty, a war torn land, or under militarized rule. I’ve never had to flea my homeland; never had a bomb land close to my home; never had mandatory military service; never had to take up arms. I’ve never feared for my safety; anxious at to where my next meal may come, or had to hunt for it. I’ve never worried about not having my next drink of water, or even a glass to hold it in. I’ve never wondered whether or not I would have warm clothes, or a comfortable place to sleep. I’ve never felt even a slight pull to move to another part of the world in need or want of a better life.

I’ve never had my freedom restricted in any truly material way.

Yes, I have had a share of struggling and suffering; my own painful experiences of tragedy, illness and loss - as with any life. This acknowledged, though I realize our hurts are beyond compare, mine feel petty in comparison to the millions of others who have faced, endured, survived or been overcome by such extraordinary hardships as those I mention; 100’s of adversities for each one I have listed.

I have undoubtedly, in comparison, lived a most privileged life, made all the more clear to me by what we are moving through right now. This because, for the first time in my life, tragedy and adversity are here at home; as close now as a friend, not a 10 minute drive away, who describes his case of Covid-19 ‘as a drug cartel sicario (hitman)...elusive and sudden and varied’.

It is possible I could get ill during this pandemic...and yet today I am blessedly well. 

It is possible I could die during this pandemic...and yet today I am blessedly alive.

As I ground in this way I soften into compassion. I remember all those around the world currently ill and afraid; all those who have lost their lives; all those who grieve them; all those on the front lines, the truly valiant among us.

And I realize that, though I must not discount or dismiss my struggles through what remains significant change and transition for all of us, for to do so would be self invalidating, it does me well to keep my perspective.

As I do, my current struggles, as if touched gently with a wand, fade, gratitude sparkling into shapes in their place.

This gratitude a precious element of my true nature, just as it is yours. This gratitude a soft warm wind as if fanning my hair back, making its presence in me known.

And then, as if in natural order, cathartic sensations of anticipation and renewed appreciation for things so simple to look forward to...

...those warm hugs with loved ones

...being in a crowd

...walking my son to school and witnessing the excited energy of the children reunited

...standing side by side with all the smiley singers in my choir

....ease of making plans to get together with friends

...being in the presence of our wise elders again

…my preteen and his friends disturbing the peace

...meeting with business associates and customers in person

...hosting a houseful of guests

...lingering conversations in coffee shops

...us all around the table savouring each other and a family dinner once again

And that element of my true nature that is gratitude reveals that what we are moving through holds the makings of many a blessing in disguise.

And for all those moments that I have surely taken these precious simplicities of my life for granted, I pray that I will never be the same again.




There is a truth in you that yearns to live through you. You are aware of it. It is your individual expression of the light, love and creativity that is our shared humanity.


This truth of you is your True Nature. It is the source from which your highest possibilities emanate.


My life’s work, now 32 years running, involves guiding the entrepreneur, and inspiring the entrepreneurial spirit, in each of us to understand and trust in our True Nature; by extension clarifying and manifesting one’s unique difference in the world; creating deep meaning while doing so; venerating and generating resources that facilitate livelihood.

I also write a journal entitled, True Nature - personal expressions of my own transformative journey - an excerpt of which I cascade each week on Sunday’s to those interested. If interested please email me through murray@100DayShift.com and I will be happy to include you.

Copyright 2020, Murray McEachern, published with permission.

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