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Life and Death

Death is a pathway for release not only for the one who passes but for all people involved. People often say, "Oh, he's free; he's at peace now." So does that mean -when we are alive we are not free, we are not at peace? Do we have to wait until we die to be truly happy? Haven't we got it all backwards? 
These questions got me to review my own beliefs about life & death. Through this time of contemplation, I have come to the realization that, when I was travelling far and wide having many adventures, I was really only living an external, surface life. The experiences and lessons made me feel 'alive' but was I really living the life I came here to live?
I believe that when people come into physical form they inherently want to 'live'.  They want to be free to live in harmony and in union with others. Perhaps that's why the world is in such chaos right now because people do not want to be separated and controlled. However, chaos always comes before change and change is inevitable.
I remember my father's last words to me years ago, "I love you; now go live your life."
Those words still ring in my heart and I want to start really living my own life with depth and courage. What that will look like-  I do not know. I have finally surrendered to the fact that I know nothing about living and loving. I do know that I am on an inner adventure of self-actualization that comes with giving myself permission to be vulnerable and to feel my feelings. I guess my saving grace is that I am open to live and learn.
©Kay Hillman 2020, OM Board Member, published with permission.

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