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How to Survive

Through this Ascension process
Every person and everything
Is wondering when will 
Our freedom flight take wing?
Oh no - our flight's been grounded
We all must stay indoors!
Parents are distracted
Their kids too busy for chores.
No fun being caterpillars
Bound in cocooning stage
All parts broken, dismantled
Waiting for the Golden Age.
The question is how to navigate
These rough waters and still survive
Without feeling restricted, controlled
To emerge intact and alive?
Just give yourself permission
To play and laugh with glee.
Invent new games, activities
Time will fly by you'll see.
Relax your nervous system
And let the sun shine in
Enjoy and nurture others
Self-care is not a sin.
We're all in this together
Let's have a happy hive
Everyone stay connected
And we'll all get out alive.
Wishing you inner peace,
Kay Hillman (OM member)
*open to give remote healings, 
     emails or phone calls
© Kay Hillman, 2020 – Published with permission.

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