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We welcome submissions of original articles of metaphysical or spiritual interest!  Article submissions are to be 500-1500 words in length, and may include up to 5 images not larger that 500x500 px.  An authors bio of not more than 150 words is also requested.  Article copyright is to remain the property of the author, please include in your submission the line: "Permission to The Celebration Centre and Metaphysical Society for web publication is granted without restriction."

Please email your submissions as attachments in document format to: Submissions will be reviewed by the Board prior to publication.

Thank you.

Life and Death

Death is a pathway for release not only for the one who passes but for all people involved. People often say, "Oh, he's free; he's at peace now." So does that mean -when we are alive we are not free, we are not at peace? Do we have to wait until we die to be truly happy? Haven't we got it all backwa…

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Never the Same Again

My having lived a sheltered life has never felt so true.

The Spanish flu of 1918-1920, and its 50,000 deaths in Canada, near 50 years before my time.

The Influenza pandemic of the late 50’s, and its 7000 Canadian deaths, still a few years before my arrival.

HIV/AIDs originating in the ear…

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Who was Jesus and why did he come on earth.

Since Easter is near in our experience once again, I thought I would share information about the life of Jesus from a compelling book I have been reading, The Urantia Book. Seven hundred and forty nine pages out of the two thousand and ninety- seven pag…

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How to Survive

Through this Ascension process
Every person and everything
Is wondering when will 
Our freedom flight take wing?
Oh no - our flight's been grounded
We all must stay indoors!
Parents are distracted
Their kids too busy for chores.
No fun being caterpillars

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Silver Linings

The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has caused not only illness and death in the world it has caused panic, fear and worse of all negativity. Everyday the media is filled with news updates of deaths and of contamination information and people have grown very unsure. On social media t…

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Making Changes

There is much in the world that each of us would change, if we could. If we could. Those are the three key words in that sentence. Why can’t we change them? Easy answer: they are external and do not belong to us. What does belong to us, what can we change? Well, we can start with ourselves.

In …

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