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Okanagan Metaphysics Society

About Okanagan Metaphysics Society / OM

Okanagan Metaphysics Society is a Metaphysical Spiritualist organization created as "The Celebration Centre and Metaphysical Society" by metaphysical minister Reverend Loro Tylor in Penticton, BC in 2001. The Constitution and Bylaws of the Society were registered with the Province of British Columbia in 2004.

We purchased the domain name and developed the "OM" logo in 2018. In October of 2021 we officially changed the name of the society to "Okanagan Metaphysics Society"

Vision Statement: "Okanagan Metaphysics Society is a multi-faith organization devoted to encouraging the evolution of the soul."

Mission Statement: "Okanagan Metaphysics provides a caring and diverse spiritual environment acknowledging the life-giving force within us and creating a positive, spiritual sense of being where people of all beliefs come together as one."

Our membership is composed of seekers, those who wish to know more of the mysteries of life, and beyond. Many are practitioners of various fields within the realm of metaphysics - philosophers, healers, light workers, people involved in the health and wellness industry, metaphysicists and metaphysicians from all walks of life.

Metaphysical Spirituality is a science, philosophy, and religion and is based on the life, teachings, and demonstrations of all Master Teachers. It seeks to understand the invisible, spiritual nature of all life which transcends the physical, material plane in which we now live.” -

Okanagan Metaphysics Society is run entirely by volunteers and relies completely on donations.  Please show your support with an an e-transfer to:

Our Principles for Spiritual Growth:

  1. Universal Intelligence is expressed through all things.

  2. We are responsible for our own experience.

  3. Souls have the ability to evolve, learn and grow.

  4. There are ways to communicate and unite with Universal Intelligence.

  5. Body, mind, heart and soul can be in perfect harmony.

  6. Each Person is encouraged to reach their own level of enlightenment.

  7. There are guides from whom we may draw inspiration and counsel.

  8. All life seeks wholeness, balance and empowerment.

  9. Gratitude and Joy connect us to Universal Intelligence.

  10. Life is a projection of our collective thoughts and feelings.

  11. The Universe is infinite; we are the Universe.

Eight Laws of Metaphysical Spirituality:

The Law of Life - This law says that the more that those who practice metaphysical spirituality understand the relationship between what is happening in the world around them and how they adjust to it, the better off they will be. By learning about the Prime Source of the Universe and other sources of power, as well as how they fit within these sources, metaphysical spiritualists will be better equipped to deal with life’s challenges

The Law of Truth - Truth will always succeed over lies, thievery, or other bad deeds.

The Law of Compensation - Similar to the Eastern concept of Karma, The Law of Compensation says that when a person does something good, good things will come to him or her. Conversely, when a person does something bad, bad things will happen to him or her. One must act good in both spirit and actions to see good returns.

The Law of Attraction - By thinking about a person or a situation, it will come to be. This goes hand in hand with The Law of Compensation in the way that thinking good thoughts will bring good people and experiences into a person’s life and thinking bad thoughts will do the opposite.

The Law of Abundance - This law says that when a person offers help, services, or kind words to someone in need, help will return to those who offer tenfold. Putting good out into the world creates more good.

The Law of Freedom- Free will and choice is a core ideal of metaphysical spirituality. The Law of Freedom states that each person has free will and is responsible for all of their actions both good and bad.

The Law of Love - Said to be the most important law, The Law of Love says that there is a creative force of all life and that love is the manifestation of this creative force. Love exists everywhere and in everyone and all things both seen and unseen.

The Law of Perfection - Since everything is a manifestation of Love, and since this source of love is perfect, it is possible for all things and people to be perfect. The quest for perfection through the practice of these laws is an integral part of metaphysical spirituality.